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The response from all of you: my family and friends, concerning my recent diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the pancreas has been huge and there is no way I can ever thank each and everyone of you for all of your concern, best wishes, good vibes and words of encouragement. 

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DJ Mangoo Rave Techno webcambanditfreedownload_2010mpg I hope you forgive me for using the internet to keep a log of what is going on but I figured that this would be the easiest way to keep only those of you informed who wish to be informed. 

I am no Lou Gehrig but because of all of you, my dearest wife Deanna, my children and granddaughters, mi familia, my family, my friends and classmates and my dearest patients,  I am honored to be able to paraphrase his speech as he was honored at Yankee Stadium and say that, "I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth". Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart...

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